Van Gerwen On Top Again

The world of Darts has seen some exciting plays this week. Everyone involved in the matches has given it their all, but one thing which has happened is the advancement of Michael van Gerwen, the current champion. We’re going to be taking a look at his recent match, and how it’s brought him up to the very top of the league again.

The Facts

The latest bout for Michael van Gerwen saw him face off against Michael Smith. When he took on Smith, Gerwen was 2nd place on the league table. However, his victory has put him back on top, and two points clear of any other competitor.

The two players had only clashed once before, so it was interesting to see them lock horns and battle it out for a chance to reign supreme. Smith managed to get two rounds under his belt but was then blown away by Gerwen, who proceeded to dominate the competition and leave the eventual result being a very respectable 7-2. Speaking about the match, van Gerwen said that I think my finishing was good in the end. I didn’t make a lot of mistakes, but for some reason, my scoring power wasn’t there’.

What Can We Take From This?

It’s our opinion that once again, this match serves as a reminder that anything can and often does happen when you’re playing darts at a professional level. A slip up can cost someone the match, or the results of training can pay off. In any instance, it’s good to see van Gerwen go back up to the top position, and we’ll be interested to see if he can keep it.

Overall, we’ve seen some good matches this week. We hope that all the players in the tournament continue to do well and that the next set of games are all of the excellent quality and keep us all suitably impressed. If you’re looking to get your hands on some sporting equipment to brush up on your skills, then AS Pub Sports can help. We have a range of different sporting equipment available for you to choose from, providing you with everything that you’ll need to succeed.