Van Gerwen Continues To Dominate

Some players seem to just have all the luck, and this is not more true for anyone than Michael van Gerwen. In a brilliant display of darts, he’s risen to the top and continues to hold down a very impressive lead. We’re going to be looking into his current lead, and what it might mean for the rest of the competition.

His Lead

Michael van Gerwen is a very capable and very powerful player. We’ve covered a lot of his exploits, and it’s obvious that he’s definitely got the skills to warrant being at the top. However, his most recent win against Simon Whitlock was particularly impressive. His most recent win saw him utterly devastated Simon at 7-1, and helped to put him a full 4 points clear of the lead position.

Simon, along with Daryl Gurney and Gary Anderson all occupy the spots below Michael, with one point separating each of them. They’ve all fought hard to get where they are right now, so it is interesting to see where people have stacked up in the later stage of the competition.

So What Does This Mean For The Game?

 Obviously, this top four will inevitably wind up playing off against each other. Van Gerwen has such a powerful lead, so it will be interesting to see how the other three players attempt to challenge him. However, perhaps they’ll all fall short in the face of Michael’s prowess on the board. That’s part of the beauty of the sport – you never quite know what will happen.

Overall, it seems that van Gerwen has cemented his position at the top very well. The other players will have something of a job to catch up with the clear lead he’s taken, but anything could happen. If you have been following the darts at home, and want to be able to learn to play for yourself, then AS Pub Sports can help. We have a range of different sporting supplies available, providing you with all that you need to be able to get stuck into a wide selection of different sporting activities commonly played in pubs.