Van Gerwen Continues To Be On Top

As one of the most prominent players in the world of darts, Michael van Gerwen is definitely a firm favourite among fans. His continued prowess and likeable demeanour have led him to develop quite a following. During the premier league this year, he’s done very well, and we’re going to be taking a look at his latest accomplishment.

A Score To Settle?

It’s well known to a lot of people that Michael has a rivalry with Rob Cross this season. It all began during the world championships, when Cross actually bested him in the semi final match. So when the two clashed in the premier league, getting even was probably a thought in the mind of van Gerwen. And get even he did. In a fantastic display of skill and prowess, he pushed Cross aside to take the win. The final score was 7-2, which should suggest to anyone that when Michael decides he’s going for it, there’s not much that can stop him. This also has the knock on effect of making Michael the top ranked player for the season, because he possesses the highest average score. This is the sixth year in a row that he’s managed this, which is no small feat.

Obviously, Michael has done exceptionally well to win in such a powerful fashion. It’s proof that there’s no stopping people once they decide that they’re going to get even. All the effort he put in while working up to this point has hopefully been worth it.

Overall, this recent display by Michael van Gerwen was certainly an impressive one, and it just goes to show exactly what can be accomplished when people put their minds to things. We hope that he continues to have success in this area, and that he goes onto bigger and loftier goals. If you’ve been inspired by Michael and his skills on the board, we can help you. AS Pub Sports has a wide selection of different kinds of sporting goods for you to choose from, providing you with everything you could need to succeed at darts.