Van Gerwen Back On Top

No one stays beaten for very long. Michael van Gerwen is one of the best players that the game has seen in a long time, and the Darts champion has recently put himself back on top in a victory against Gary Anderson. We’re going to be taking a look at the match itself, and how Michael came to reclaim his title.

The Facts

It was a mighty victory that saw Michael van Gerwen rise to the top. Gary Anderson is a two-time world champion and isn’t a pushover by any means, but that didn’t stop him from losing 3-7 to van Gerwen in their match this week.

Their bout continued back and forth, and interestingly enough it was Anderson who held the highest average point total of the match, inching ahead by just a few points every round. But that did not stop van Gerwen from powering forward and ultimately going on to win it all. It just goes to show you how there’s never any telling what will happen during a match, and that anyone can win regardless of how the situation looks.

Obviously, this is a good win for van Gerwen. Given it was only recently that he was defeated, it’s good to see him back on top. That does say a lot about the game itself, and that anyone can lose their position or gain one without much warning. You never know how things will turn out, and who will win and who will lose. That’s part of darts as much as anything else and is perhaps what makes the sport such an enduring favourite.

Overall, we’d like to congratulate Michael and wish him all the best in his future endeavours. We hope that his win streak will continue and that he’s back at the top to stay for a bit. If you’ve been inspired by his exploits, and want to start playing for yourself, then we can help. AS Pub Sports has a wide selection of different sporting goods and equipment, providing you with all that you need to enjoy sports at any level.