This Week In Darts – A Recap

With so much having gone on this week in darts, we felt it was best to do a recap of the exciting updates. It’s been a busy week for darts, with several matches having been played in the recent tournament, and there’s going to be a lot to look forward to. But for now, let’s take a look at what’s been going on in the world of darts.

Michael van Gerwen Remains On Top

To start off with, let’s check in on our favourite player, Michael van Gerwen. A powerful force in the tournament, Michael has progressed to the top of the leaderboard once more. His match against Gerwyn Price ended up being a 7-3 win, which has put him nicely in the top spot. His next game will be against Michael Smith on the 22nd of March when the next set of fixtures are due to take place.

Wright Pays Tribute To Legend

On a more sentimental note, this week has been somewhat marred by the passing of Jim Bowen, who was known to many people as the host of Bullseye during his glory days. Peter Wright is obviously a fan of the recently deceased Bowen, as he used head paint to create a touching tribute to the man on his very skull. The image, which features a bull in the midst of throwing a dart, is a lovely memorial to someone who was well known in the darts community.

Overall, it has been a very busy week. The matches that we’ve seen have all been of good quality, and showcase the skills of all the players. The next set of fixtures will see even more impressive plays, and we’re looking forward to seeing everyone in action. If you are looking at getting into darts, then AS Pub Sports can help you with sourcing your equipment. We have a broad range of different kinds of pub sports equipment, such as darts, so that you have everything you could need to get into a sport and begin practising your skills.