Michael van Gerwen – Dethroned?

What we do love about the world of darts, if we haven’t already said it, is that anything can happen. A new player can emerge from nowhere and take the world by storm, or a champion can be beaten by a rival. And that is exactly what’s happened here, as Michael van Gerwen has, in a highly gripping match, been bested by a rival. We’re going to be looking at this in more detail, and seeing just what went down.

The Facts

The sad truth is that no one can win and keep winning forever. Eventually, we’ve all got to accept a loss to a rival or even a newcomer. For the current world champion Michael van Gerwen, that loss came in his clash with Raymond van Barneveld. The two locked horns recently, and there came an interesting defeat for Michael in a 5-7 loss. In a unique departures from the normal atmosphere of the match, Raymond led the contest from the beginning, and even beat back Michael when he made a late game counterattack in order to secure his win. Speaking about his victory, Raymond said that ‘This is probably one of the best nights of my career. I have to win a couple more matches but to win on both nights in Rotterdam, that means the world to me’.

What Does This Tell Us?

This impressive win by Raymond only serves to highlight the fact that titles do pass hands more commonly than you might think. Eventually, every champion has to fall and be dethroned, and this was definitely the case for Michael. His string of victories was highly impressive, and there’s no doubt that he deserved to sit at the top for the time that he did. However, he had to be bested eventually. If you have been following the exploits of any of these players, and want to be able to get stuck into darts, then AS Pub Sports can help. We have a range of different pub based sporting equipment available for you to choose from, with everything that you will need to get started.