Michael van Gerwen – The Next Milestone?

Michael van Gerwen is a powerful force in the world of darts. The man seems to be almost unstoppable, having been at the head of the pack since 2013. So it is of course only natural that he would strive for bigger and better heights. We’re going to be taking a look at his latest goal, and see where the pro is going this time.

London Calling?

The action is at the O2 arena next week, as the newest competition will see Michael attempt to go for the top once more. The venue is home to the playoffs for the current premier league. That’s where van Gerwen will lock horns with his rival Rob Cross, who actually defeated him in their World Championship bout. Obviously, it’ll be interesting to see the two come and play each other once more, and it’s pretty difficult to know who will win out.

The thing about darts that you can’t help but love is that it can be anyone’s game. People have often been quite excited to watch their favourite player win the game, only to see him fall somewhat short. Michael van Gerwen is a very talented player, and it would be good to see him emerge victorious again. However, what’s great about this particular sport is that there is no definite winner or loser, it’s all down to how well people play and a healthy dose of luck.

Overall, we wish Michael the best of luck on Thursday, and we’ll definitely watch along and see what happens! However, it’s worth noting that it’s anyone’s game. The joyful thing about darts is that almost anyone can come in, start playing well, and take the competitive scene by storm. This is obviously quite an exciting concept, when you consider all the potential for fresh new talent that this can produce. If you’re inspired by these players, and think you’ve got what it takes, AS Pub Sports can help. We have a range of different options for you to choose from, providing you with everything you could need to enjoy a broad selection of Pub sport activities.


Van Gerwen Continues To Be On Top

As one of the most prominent players in the world of darts, Michael van Gerwen is definitely a firm favourite among fans. His continued prowess and likeable demeanour have led him to develop quite a following. During the premier league this year, he’s done very well, and we’re going to be taking a look at his latest accomplishment.

A Score To Settle?

It’s well known to a lot of people that Michael has a rivalry with Rob Cross this season. It all began during the world championships, when Cross actually bested him in the semi final match. So when the two clashed in the premier league, getting even was probably a thought in the mind of van Gerwen. And get even he did. In a fantastic display of skill and prowess, he pushed Cross aside to take the win. The final score was 7-2, which should suggest to anyone that when Michael decides he’s going for it, there’s not much that can stop him. This also has the knock on effect of making Michael the top ranked player for the season, because he possesses the highest average score. This is the sixth year in a row that he’s managed this, which is no small feat.

Obviously, Michael has done exceptionally well to win in such a powerful fashion. It’s proof that there’s no stopping people once they decide that they’re going to get even. All the effort he put in while working up to this point has hopefully been worth it.

Overall, this recent display by Michael van Gerwen was certainly an impressive one, and it just goes to show exactly what can be accomplished when people put their minds to things. We hope that he continues to have success in this area, and that he goes onto bigger and loftier goals. If you’ve been inspired by Michael and his skills on the board, we can help you. AS Pub Sports has a wide selection of different kinds of sporting goods for you to choose from, providing you with everything you could need to succeed at darts.

Funeral For A Legend – A Sombre Week

Eric Bristow was a legend in the darts world. He was known by fans and players alike for being one of the best there was, but he passed away at the start of the month. This week was one that was quite sombre, because his funeral took place and the legend was laid to rest.

The Man, The Legend, The End

Eric was laid to rest in a private ceremony on Tuesday of this week, with the public affair demanding a dress code of darts shirts or football shirts. His funeral has served to drive home one truth – that people loved Eric, both for who he was and what he accomplished.

Eric Bristow didn’t come from fancy beginnings. He started playing darts at the age of 11, and was a professional by his late teens. He transformed darts from being a game played in pubs to something that was to bring the whole world together, and helped to create what would become professional darts. He was known for a cocky swagger when on the pitch, but at the same time he was also a warm and friendly person who could mix well with anyone. He spoke his mind, and only did what he was comfortable doing, and he earned the respect of fellow players and fans as a result.

People will remember Eric for a long time to come, and our thoughts are with his friends and family during this difficult time. He was a legend in the world of darts, and he will be missed. But his legacy lives on. The world he helped to create, the game he brought out of the pub and into the spotlight… that’s still as powerful and strong as ever. It can live on in all of us, which is why we want to help anyone who’s looking to get started with darts. We have a range of different kinds of sporting equipment for you to choose from, providing you with everything you could need to embark on a career playing darts.

Michael van Gerwen – Dethroned?

What we do love about the world of darts, if we haven’t already said it, is that anything can happen. A new player can emerge from nowhere and take the world by storm, or a champion can be beaten by a rival. And that is exactly what’s happened here, as Michael van Gerwen has, in a highly gripping match, been bested by a rival. We’re going to be looking at this in more detail, and seeing just what went down.

The Facts

The sad truth is that no one can win and keep winning forever. Eventually, we’ve all got to accept a loss to a rival or even a newcomer. For the current world champion Michael van Gerwen, that loss came in his clash with Raymond van Barneveld. The two locked horns recently, and there came an interesting defeat for Michael in a 5-7 loss. In a unique departures from the normal atmosphere of the match, Raymond led the contest from the beginning, and even beat back Michael when he made a late game counterattack in order to secure his win. Speaking about his victory, Raymond said that ‘This is probably one of the best nights of my career. I have to win a couple more matches but to win on both nights in Rotterdam, that means the world to me’.

What Does This Tell Us?

This impressive win by Raymond only serves to highlight the fact that titles do pass hands more commonly than you might think. Eventually, every champion has to fall and be dethroned, and this was definitely the case for Michael. His string of victories was highly impressive, and there’s no doubt that he deserved to sit at the top for the time that he did. However, he had to be bested eventually. If you have been following the exploits of any of these players, and want to be able to get stuck into darts, then AS Pub Sports can help. We have a range of different pub based sporting equipment available for you to choose from, with everything that you will need to get started.

Van Gerwen Continues To Dominate

Some players seem to just have all the luck, and this is not more true for anyone than Michael van Gerwen. In a brilliant display of darts, he’s risen to the top and continues to hold down a very impressive lead. We’re going to be looking into his current lead, and what it might mean for the rest of the competition.

His Lead

Michael van Gerwen is a very capable and very powerful player. We’ve covered a lot of his exploits, and it’s obvious that he’s definitely got the skills to warrant being at the top. However, his most recent win against Simon Whitlock was particularly impressive. His most recent win saw him utterly devastated Simon at 7-1, and helped to put him a full 4 points clear of the lead position.

Simon, along with Daryl Gurney and Gary Anderson all occupy the spots below Michael, with one point separating each of them. They’ve all fought hard to get where they are right now, so it is interesting to see where people have stacked up in the later stage of the competition.

So What Does This Mean For The Game?

 Obviously, this top four will inevitably wind up playing off against each other. Van Gerwen has such a powerful lead, so it will be interesting to see how the other three players attempt to challenge him. However, perhaps they’ll all fall short in the face of Michael’s prowess on the board. That’s part of the beauty of the sport – you never quite know what will happen.

Overall, it seems that van Gerwen has cemented his position at the top very well. The other players will have something of a job to catch up with the clear lead he’s taken, but anything could happen. If you have been following the darts at home, and want to be able to learn to play for yourself, then AS Pub Sports can help. We have a range of different sporting supplies available, providing you with all that you need to be able to get stuck into a wide selection of different sporting activities commonly played in pubs.

Van Gerwen On Top Again

The world of Darts has seen some exciting plays this week. Everyone involved in the matches has given it their all, but one thing which has happened is the advancement of Michael van Gerwen, the current champion. We’re going to be taking a look at his recent match, and how it’s brought him up to the very top of the league again.

The Facts

The latest bout for Michael van Gerwen saw him face off against Michael Smith. When he took on Smith, Gerwen was 2nd place on the league table. However, his victory has put him back on top, and two points clear of any other competitor.

The two players had only clashed once before, so it was interesting to see them lock horns and battle it out for a chance to reign supreme. Smith managed to get two rounds under his belt but was then blown away by Gerwen, who proceeded to dominate the competition and leave the eventual result being a very respectable 7-2. Speaking about the match, van Gerwen said that I think my finishing was good in the end. I didn’t make a lot of mistakes, but for some reason, my scoring power wasn’t there’.

What Can We Take From This?

It’s our opinion that once again, this match serves as a reminder that anything can and often does happen when you’re playing darts at a professional level. A slip up can cost someone the match, or the results of training can pay off. In any instance, it’s good to see van Gerwen go back up to the top position, and we’ll be interested to see if he can keep it.

Overall, we’ve seen some good matches this week. We hope that all the players in the tournament continue to do well and that the next set of games are all of the excellent quality and keep us all suitably impressed. If you’re looking to get your hands on some sporting equipment to brush up on your skills, then AS Pub Sports can help. We have a range of different sporting equipment available for you to choose from, providing you with everything that you’ll need to succeed.

This Week In Darts – A Recap

With so much having gone on this week in darts, we felt it was best to do a recap of the exciting updates. It’s been a busy week for darts, with several matches having been played in the recent tournament, and there’s going to be a lot to look forward to. But for now, let’s take a look at what’s been going on in the world of darts.

Michael van Gerwen Remains On Top

To start off with, let’s check in on our favourite player, Michael van Gerwen. A powerful force in the tournament, Michael has progressed to the top of the leaderboard once more. His match against Gerwyn Price ended up being a 7-3 win, which has put him nicely in the top spot. His next game will be against Michael Smith on the 22nd of March when the next set of fixtures are due to take place.

Wright Pays Tribute To Legend

On a more sentimental note, this week has been somewhat marred by the passing of Jim Bowen, who was known to many people as the host of Bullseye during his glory days. Peter Wright is obviously a fan of the recently deceased Bowen, as he used head paint to create a touching tribute to the man on his very skull. The image, which features a bull in the midst of throwing a dart, is a lovely memorial to someone who was well known in the darts community.

Overall, it has been a very busy week. The matches that we’ve seen have all been of good quality, and showcase the skills of all the players. The next set of fixtures will see even more impressive plays, and we’re looking forward to seeing everyone in action. If you are looking at getting into darts, then AS Pub Sports can help you with sourcing your equipment. We have a broad range of different kinds of pub sports equipment, such as darts, so that you have everything you could need to get into a sport and begin practising your skills.

A Look At A Legendary Rivalry – Michael van Gerwen And Gary Anderson

In every sport, there’s a famous rivalry. In football, it’s Manchester United and Arsenal. In darts, it’s Gary Anderson and Michael van Gerwen. Both players are very well known, and everytime that they lock horns you’re sure to see a real clash of titans. However, not everyone is fully aware of how this legendary rivalry began. We’re going to be taking a look at this one in more detail so that you can find out where it all started.


Obviously, what we’ve got here is a collision between two highly experienced and skilled players. Whenever two people meet, something is usually born. Sometimes it’s love, other times its friendship, and sometimes it’s a fierce rivalry. It’s the latter for these two, as they’re constantly duking it out to see who’s better. Obviously, Michael van Gerwen has recently shot to the top of the Darts world, racking up a series of impressive wins. We always look forward to seeing the two players get together and throw down, and it’s always an exciting set of matches when they do.

Of course, isn’t that what a rival is for? We all need someone to keep up trying harder, striving for greater heights, with the promise that if we relax, they’ll overtake us. We all want to see people like Michael van Gerwen and Gary Anderson at the top of their games, and they may well motivate each other to that plateau. The thought of besting one another is a compelling motivator, so it could easily inspire them to become the very best they could be.

Overall, the rivalry between Michael van Gerwen and Gary Anderson is one which we’re all keen to see more of, and we hope that they’ll be able to enjoy themselves when they face off. If you’ve got a rival that you’d like to be able to outdo, then AS Pub Sports can help. We have a range of different kinds of sporting equipment for you to choose from, allowing you to pick all that you could need for your sporting activities.

Michael van Gerwen Aiming For Top Position

The top spot of the competition is something which is always up for grabs, and you never really know who’ll take it. However, for the two top players in the Premier League of darts, there’s a fierce rivalry going on, and the man himself, Michael van Gerwen, has thrown down the gauntlet and is going to challenge the king for his throne.

The Facts

It’s been a compelling set of matches thus far, and at the minute the top two slots stand like this. You’ve got Michael Smith currently occupying the top position, and then you’ve got Michael van Gerwen right behind him, with only two points separating the two from each other. Van Gerwen is one of the most prominent players in the game right now and is determined to catch up, as he’s issued a warning to his current rival.

Speaking about the future of the tournament, van Gerwen said that ‘I’m trying to get to the top of the table as soon as possible and the game on Thursday gives me a chance to make another step towards that…I have been happy with some of my performances, but not all and I know I will have to produce a good one against Mensur Suljovic as he played very well last week’.

Contrastingly, his opponent, Smith, has won all four of his matches without any issues, and this is a definite step up from the premier league in 2016, which saw him do not so well. Obviously, we’re hoping that both players give it their best, and it’s pretty difficult to decide who’ll come out on top in this clash of titans, but we’re sure it’ll make for some great television. If you’ve been keeping up with the darts so far, and you want to be able to practice your skills, then we can help. AS Pub Sports has a wide selection of different sporting goods and equipment available for you to choose from, providing you with everything that you could need to play a wide selection of sports.

Van Gerwen Back On Top

No one stays beaten for very long. Michael van Gerwen is one of the best players that the game has seen in a long time, and the Darts champion has recently put himself back on top in a victory against Gary Anderson. We’re going to be taking a look at the match itself, and how Michael came to reclaim his title.

The Facts

It was a mighty victory that saw Michael van Gerwen rise to the top. Gary Anderson is a two-time world champion and isn’t a pushover by any means, but that didn’t stop him from losing 3-7 to van Gerwen in their match this week.

Their bout continued back and forth, and interestingly enough it was Anderson who held the highest average point total of the match, inching ahead by just a few points every round. But that did not stop van Gerwen from powering forward and ultimately going on to win it all. It just goes to show you how there’s never any telling what will happen during a match, and that anyone can win regardless of how the situation looks.

Obviously, this is a good win for van Gerwen. Given it was only recently that he was defeated, it’s good to see him back on top. That does say a lot about the game itself, and that anyone can lose their position or gain one without much warning. You never know how things will turn out, and who will win and who will lose. That’s part of darts as much as anything else and is perhaps what makes the sport such an enduring favourite.

Overall, we’d like to congratulate Michael and wish him all the best in his future endeavours. We hope that his win streak will continue and that he’s back at the top to stay for a bit. If you’ve been inspired by his exploits, and want to start playing for yourself, then we can help. AS Pub Sports has a wide selection of different sporting goods and equipment, providing you with all that you need to enjoy sports at any level.

Michael Van Gerwen Bested – The Latest Darts News

It seems that being a champion is sometimes only temporary. Michael van Gerwen was one of the best players in the world and still is. However, he’s not quite the best anymore. In the latest series of matches, he has been defeated, and we’re going to be looking at the story behind it all.

Gerwen VS Wright – Clash Of Legends

Between them, Michael van Gerwen and Peter Wright make up the two top slots in the world for darts. They’re both highly committed players who have worked tirelessly to get to where they are. So when they locked horns, you knew that it was going to be something incredible to look at. However, what we didn’t expect was for the top-ranked player, Michael van Gerwen, to come out on the losing side. Peter Wright defeated him in a 7-5 victory, with the defending world champion making several misses which were just not like him at all. It was these misses which gave his opponent the advantage and was probably what went onto grant Wright the victory.

What Does This Tell Us?

If there were a message to take from this match, it would be that victory is never constant. It doesn’t matter how far you go up the ladder; you can still be dethroned by someone else. This is no bad thing either, as it allows for everyone to have a good go at the top and to experience what it means to be number one. This is good for encouraging lower ranked players to try and improve themselves.

Overall, the defeat dealt to van Gerwen is one which will put out a message to all players. You could make it to the top, as there’s no guarantee that anyone can keep a title for very long. Obviously, we hope that Michael will find his way back to the top slot soon and that he manages to overcome Peter Wright in their next bout. If you have been inspired by this, then AS Pub Sports can provide you with a wide selection of different supplies, to ensure that you can have a go at your favourite sports no matter what your ability or circumstance.

2018 Masters – Van Gerwen Up For Revenge?

Michael van Gerwen is one of the best players in the world of darts at the moment. He was, up until relatively recently, the world champion. However, he was recently dethroned, and we predict that he’ll be looking to get even at the Master’s tournament this year. Let’s take a look at the backstory surrounding Gerwen, and his mission to get back to the top.

The Backstory

The final of the latest big tournament was an event that everyone tuned in for. Michael van Gerwen, the then current world champion, battled it out with rising powerhouse Rob Cross for his right to be crowned king for another year. However, in a move that no one saw coming, van Gerwen was bested by Cross and consequently lost his title. Therefore, we can presume that he’ll be determined to try and get his title back. In the time since his loss, he’s had the chance to relax a bit, figure out what went wrong and practice to put it right, and we’re sure to be witness to some high-quality darts matches in the upcoming tournament.

It is highly possible that he will beat Rob Cross this time around, as it wasn’t a very big loss last time they faced off. Van Gerwen only fell short by six darts, so perhaps this means that his defeat was not as damaging to his confidence as some people have speculated it was. It was a very narrow margin to lose by, so hopefully, Michael will be back to playing at his best in time for the Master’s tournament, which is set to kick off this weekend. We know that we’ll be watching his matches with interest, and we hope that he, along with all the players, gives it everything he has and has no regrets in that regard.

If you want to be able to practice your craft in the field of darts, then AS Pub Sports can help. We have a wide selection of sporting goods for you to get your hands on, and have everything that you could need to be able to practice the sport and excel in it.

Rob Cross Takes It All

The World Championships are now over, and the final tournament to feature the Legendary Phil Taylor has concluded. While he did reach the finals of the tournament, it was not the old guard that took the title this year. Instead, something completely different happened.

Rob Cross, The World Champion?

For Phil Taylor, it all started like something out of an old fairytale. He had a magnificent start to the competition, and genuinely felt he might have a shot at the trophy, as a way to conclude his career in style. So when he got to the very final match, it would be understandable that he felt pretty good about his chances. However, it was in a very surprising display of darts that Taylor did not walk away with the title this year. It was instead his opponent, Rob Cross, who secured the win with an incredible 7-2 victory.

Speaking of the event and his opponent, Taylor said that ‘I believe Rob Cross and Mike van Gerwen can go on to dominate the sport for the next five years. It was a mismatch really. That’s it for me because I don’t have the energy to beat him. It’s weird to say that but I got to the final and, if you’d have told me that last week, I would have taken it’.

It is perhaps fitting that Phil Taylor lost in the finals of his last tournament, as you could see it as the old legends passing the torch onto the new generation. Instead of looking at it as a win or loss, you could see it as the end of one chapter, and the beginning of another. Phil Taylor was a legend in the game, and we all watched his career with great interest and backed him, but he’s bowed out gracefully and paved the way for a whole new generation of players. If you’ve been watching the career of Taylor, or Cross, or anyone in the sport, and want to brush up on your skills, then AS Pub Sports can help. We offer a wide selection of different sporting goods to aid you in your training, ensuring that you have everything you could need to start aiming for the big leagues.

Phil Taylor Looking To Take The Title Before Retirement

For Phil Taylor, the World Darts Championship was always going to be a big event. Not only was it a chance to play off against well-known rivals and friends, but it is also his last tournament before he steps down from the game and retires gracefully. However, it seems that he’s got his eye on the big leagues this time.

So, what’s been going on?

Phil Taylor is one of the best players that the competitive world has ever seen. He has had a long and productive career, and he’s on the way to walking away with a bang. He managed a 4-0 win over the former world youth champion, and he’s confident that he might well be able to walk away with the title this year. Speaking about the win, Taylor said that ‘It’s weird. I said today that I think I can have a go at this; whether I can or not, I don’t know, but I feel like I can. If my confidence is up and I can play properly, then I think I can give them a game…I can win it. I think the first round was the one that shocked me, against Chris Dobey’.

Obviously, we’re all keen for Taylor to walk away with a win, as it would be a fantastic way to end off such a tremendous career. For such a long and productive era, his send-off is looking to be equally impressive, and to claim the top spot would be fantastic in cementing his position as one of the best in his generation.

Overall, the way that Phil Taylor has held himself recently is admirable, and we’re all looking forward to seeing what he does next. Obviously, his swansong is upon us, and he’ll step down at the end of the tournament, but that will not change the fact that he is a fine player of the game. If you have been inspired by him and want to practice your skills, then AS Pub Sports can help. We have a wide selection of different darts available for you, providing all you need to enjoy the game.

A Look At A Legend – Phil Taylor’s Career In Quotes

With one of the greatest darts players set to bow out of the game very soon, people are looking back at his distinguished career with fond memories. Phil Taylor was and still is a fantastic player and a great person to be around, and we’re taking a look at some of what his rivals and friends in the circuits had to say about him.

So what did his friends and rivals have to say?

Now Taylor may have been a cool customer both on and off the field, but that doesn’t mean he was ever a pushover. John Part described him as having ‘a ruthlessness about him. It can be debilitating. It’s not fear; it’s resignation’. Similarly, Peter Manley spoke of his ability to capture entire crowds, saying that ‘You weren’t just playing Phil, you were playing the whole audience at the Circus Tavern. They would sing ‘there’s only one Phil Taylor’ from start to finish’.

Despite his ability to dominate the arena’s he played in, people did have a high level of respect for Taylor and his methods. Dennis Priestley, who was once a high-level player, said that ‘he was always so dedicated and practised very hard. I was a good professional and did things right, but Phil always seemed to put an extra yard in or find an extra yard’. Bob Anderson, himself a retired legend, said that ‘Obviously, 16 world titles is an incredible record. I know what it took out of me to win one, so I take my hat off to him’.

Overall, Phil Taylor had a long career as a professional, and we have nothing but admiration and respect for his commitment to the game that he loved so much. While his retirement is sad for people to hear, we’ve been lucky to have him grace our screens for as long has been the case. If you’ve found yourself inspired by Phil and his many exploits, then we have a wide selection of different pub sports equipment for you to choose from, including the kit required to start playing darts as soon as possible.

Schedule For World Darts Championship Confirmed

In the world of darts, one event stands out above the rest as being particularly important right now. The World Championship of Darts is something which takes place on a regular basis, and right now the schedule for the event has finally been unveiled. We’re going to be taking a look at what fans of the sport can expect to see over the coming weeks.

So, what’s to come?

The stage is set for a 15-day ordeal which looks like it is going to be something to remember. The first day of the competition is always one who sees the defending champion return to start the tournament off, and this year is no different. Michael van Gerwen will, therefore, be one of the first players to participate in the games, facing off against Christian Kist in the third match of the first night.

All the other legendary players are rolling out in force too, with Phil Taylor, Rob Cross and Gary Anderson all set to make appearance as they battle it out for the coveted victory circle. There’s no telling who will win this year, as all the big players have been in fine form. Of course, it may well be that someone else comes along and steals the show, so it’s worth settling in and watching to see who comes out on top.

Overall, the schedule for the new tournament looks to be a good one, and we’re sure to be seeing a lot of good matches over the next two weeks. There’s never any clear indicator as to who will win at this stage of the competition, so it’s always exciting to make predictions and to wonder just who will walk away with it all. If you’ve been inspired by the tournaments leading up to this one, and want to brush up on your skills, then AS Pub Sports can help. We’ve got all kinds of different darts and supplies for you to choose from, so you can make sure that you have everything which you could need to get a good amount of practice in.

Cross And Van Gerwen Dominate Field

Every so often, you get moments where the gods smile upon a chosen few players. These members of an elite club are usually blessed with exceptional luck and skills about their playing ability, and this leads them right to the top of the leaderboards. In this particular instance, we’re looking at the abilities of Rob Cross and Michael van Gerwen.

So, what’s been happening?

What we’re looking at here is two of the most prolific players in recent tournaments. Michael van Gerwen has been in top form recently, winning the Grand Slam of Darts with an impressive 16-12 victory over Peter Wright last week. This was his third successive win, which is obviously an impressive feat to win such a competition three times in a row.

As well as this, both he and Cross are heading to a tournament in Minehead over the next few days, to compete to strengthen their positions within the world championships, which are a little under a month away. Van Gerwen has been placed into the tournament in the sixth spot, and Cross has made it to the top of the pile having amassed four tournament victories. The tournament itself is filled with a lot of big names all trying to make their way to the top, with such legends as Peter Wright and Gary Anderson in attendance.

Obviously, both of the two men have done very well to reach this point, so congratulations to them both. With the next tournament a few days away, it’ll be interesting to see how everything is going to pan out, and who is going to take the top spot and improve their chances in the world championships. If you’ve been keeping a close eye on the darts this season, and you feel like you want to practice your skills, then AS Pub Sports can help you. We have a wide selection of different kinds of pub-based sporting equipment available for you to choose from. There’s everything that you need to get started learning how to play darts and all of the accessories you need to go with them.

Van Gerwen Wins It All – World Series Of Darts

The World Series Of Darts came to an end recently, and there was a fantastic match in the last round between Gary Anderson and Michael van Gerwen. However, despite both of these incredibly well-known players giving it their all, there was still one clear winner and one clear loser. We’re going to be looking at the finals of the competition, and seeing who walked away with it all.

So, who won the competition?

Gary Anderson clashed with Michael van Gerwen in a match that was not to be missed in the finals. Both are experienced players who have been in the tournament scene for a long time, so it was thrilling to watch them go head to head for a shot at the coveted victory circle. However, it was van Gerwen who triumphed in this match, winning with a handy 7-3 result.

Speaking on the event, van Gerwen said that ‘I’m really glad that I won this trophy again. Gary always makes you work hard, and you know what you’re going to get from him. Winning the first leg, when he missed three darts at the double, gave me confidence from the beginning and from there my finishing and scoring power was there at the right moments. Every tournament is special, and this is fantastic. Around this period you want to perform close to your best, and I want to win every tournament’.

Obviously, this is a great achievement for Gerwen, and we’re sure that he’s enjoying his win with his loved ones, and we’re all keen to see what he puts his attentions to next. We’d like to wish him big congratulations for his victory and hope that his winning streak continues in the next competition he finds himself in. If you’ve been inspired by the exploits of van Gerwen and would like to start practising your craft to play in tournaments, then AS Pub Sports can help you. We have a good selection of different kinds of darts and equipment, so there’s all you need available to get started playing.

Michael van Gerwen Is Back In The Game – Ankle Injury No More

With the European Championships coming up, people were worried about Michael van Gerwen, who looked like he might not be able to compete in the tournament at all. However, he’s back and ready to defend his title for the fourth year running, a feat which is quite significant.

So, what happened to Michael?

For many people, Michael van Gerwen is the man to watch whenever he plays. However, a recent problem with his ankles put him out of commission recently, and he thought that he was not going to be able to play in the tournament at all. Since he returned home after his latest competition, he has been receiving treatment for his condition and has since announced that he feels he will be able to return to the tournament and participate in this year’s competition. Speaking on the even, Michael has said that ‘I’ve had a good rest since the weekend and had some treatment for my ankle and it’s feeling a lot better now. I’ve been practising again, and I’m feeling good, so I’m focused on the European Championship now’.

Michael will be going for his fourth title win in a row, which is a commendable achievement. However, this is something which has not been accomplished since Phil Taylor, who performed the feat from the years 2008 – 2011. Should Michael be able to complete this goal, he’ll be able to stand on equal footing with Taylor, so we do wish him the best of luck.

Overall, the knowledge that Michael van Gerwen can compete within the tournament is a pleasing development for his fans, many of whom were worried that he would be unable to compete in the competition. His recovery has happened at the best possible time, as he’s now going to be going for his fourth title win in a row. If you’ve been inspired by Michael and his journey to get to this point, and want to practise your skills, then AS Pub Sports can help you. We have a range of different pub sports supplies available for you to browse, including everything you’ll need to brush up on your darts skills.

Suljovic To Compete At 2017 German Darts Masters

Today we’d like you to refocus your attentions on one of the more prominent names in darts at the moment, and that is one Mensur Suljovic. A capable player, and a man who’s in the news for darts reasonably frequently these days, Mensur has now been given a chance to go and compete in a whole new league.

So, what’s the new league to play in?

Mensur, who has battled his way into the top 10 players in recent times, has been invited to compete in the 2017 German Darts Masters, where he will face off against some of the best players in the world, including Gary Anderson. The Chairman of the PDC, Barry Hearn, has said that ‘Mensur’s performances in reaching the European Championship final last year and winning the Champions League show that he fully deserves his spot amongst the sport’s elite. He has been the standard-bearer in the region in recent years and helped to inspire the progression of the likes of Max Hopp and Martin Schindler, and has proven hugely popular throughout Germany’.

Obviously, to be able to compete in the tournament is a tremendous achievement, and it’s no wonder that Mensur has managed to make it this far. A dominant player, he’s risen to the top 10 list in just two years, and he went all the way to the semi-finals in the World Championships that have just gone by recently. It’s a testament to his skills that he’s been invited to compete in the tournament, and he’s obviously going to go on and enjoy success within it, although the scale of which is unknown.

We’d like to take this chance to wish Mensur well-earned congratulations, and we hope that he will continue to impress audiences with his skills over the course of the tournament. If you’ve been watching his performance and feel like you want to get into darts, then AS Pub Sports can help you. We have a wide range of equipment available for you to get hold of, so you can start practising the fine art of darts to your heart’s content.

Friday Night Is Darts Night – The World Grand Prix Finals Have Arrived

You’ve been watching, you’ve been waiting, and now it’s finally time. The World Grand Prix of Darts has arrived. It’s been a week in the making, and some fearsome matches have been played, and now we’re going to see the semi-finals unfold tonight, at 7 pm. We’re going to be looking at what you can expect from this competition, and who’s playing who for the chance to win it all.

So, who’s made it to the final rounds?

At the very top of the tables, only the best have made it. Mensur Suljovic has made it to the last few rounds and is a firm contender to walk away with it all. Joining him are the equally talented John Henderson, Daryl Gurney and Simon Whitlock. They’ve all battled well to make it here, and there’s set to be some great matches between them over the course of the evening.

Mensur is proving to be one the driving players in this tournament, having bested Peter Wright to earn his spot among the legends. Despite a shaky lack of support from his partner, Mensur is set to keep going and is just two matches away from the first place spot, and the £100,000 cash prize.

Overall, it looks to be a very promising set of matches, with some of the best players in the tournament in the competition. Thanks to the withdrawal of Gary Anderson, who is actually going to be a father very soon, some of the up and coming players now have their own shot at the big leagues. We’d like to take this moment to congratulate everyone who has made it this far in the tournament, and we’re looking forward to watching the matches and seeing who comes out on top in the clash of titans. If you’re looking for supplies so you can start playing your games of darts, then AS Pub Sports has a wide selection of different equipment for you to choose from, so you can get all the stuff you’ll need to get playing darts, or a whole range of other pub games.

World Grand Prix Of Darts – A Review Before The Start

With the Grand Prix of darts just about to commence in a few days, fans all over the world have felt their excitement grow to a fever pitch. Legends of the game are due to lock horns and battle it out to be the very best, and you know that it’ll be a tournament to remember. We’re going to be taking a look at some of the highlights and important people to watch out for.

So, when does it all kick off?

The tournament is scheduled to begin on Sunday at 7 PM and promises to be one of the finest competitions seen this year. This series of bouts does mark the absence of one Phil Taylor, who is scheduled to retire properly in January and has opted not to appear in the tournament this year, as we all know how alluring the roar of the crowd can be, especially for such a legend as Taylor.

Michael van Gerwen is set to make an appearance this year, having walked away last year with the trophy that made sure everyone knew he’d won it all. Famous hands like James Wade and Adrian Lewis are also set to make appearances in the tournament; however, those two, in particular, have not been in the very best form, so we hope that they’ll be able to recover during the opening stages of the tournament. Of course, all of the old legends have made it to the opening rounds of the competition, with Gary Anderson and Peter Wright also in the group of people hoping to win it all.

Overall, the tournament looks to be one to remember, and with all of the famous and skilled players in it, there should be some fantastic matches played. We’ll be tuning into the games as they happen, and would like to wish nothing but the best of luck to everyone who is taking part, as we know that they all put in a lot of effort to get here. If you’re looking for supplies and equipment to start practising for next year’s tournaments, or you just want to have fun to play darts, then AS Pub Sports has a wide selection for you to choose from, ensuring that you can start playing immediately.

Mensur Suljovic Qualifies For Grand Slam Of Darts, Beats Anderson For Title

The grand slam of darts is fast approaching, and more and more names are starting to take their place in the tournament. One such name is Mensur Suljovic, who managed to pull off an impressive victory to reach this point, defeating Gary Anderson for his qualifying spot.

So, who is this person?

Mensur is a 45-year-old who hails from Austria, and his defeat of Gary Anderson makes him the 12th person to qualify for the Grand Slam of Darts, which is scheduled to take place in November and last around 12 months. His defeat of Anderson did not remove him from the tournament, however, as fans of Gary will know that he already has a qualifying place in the competition, alongside other legends such as Michael Van Gerwen.

Mensur himself has been quoted as saying that ‘I never thought I could win this tournament. Gary is a brilliant player, a gentleman and I’ve got so much respect for him but I played well, and I never gave up. I played well and was focused on my game, but I never thought I could beat Gary twice’.

The only point about this tournament is that it will not feature Phil Taylor, who is due to retire in January after a 30-year career in the sport. Some fans were hoping to see him come and play one last game before he left, but it is not to be. And perhaps for a good reason too, as the allure of the match is strong, and Phil may well have found himself delaying his retirement.

In any case, a congratulation is for Mensur, who has done well to reach this point and to be able to compete in what is one of the biggest matches of his entire career. If you’re inspired by these legends and want to practise your skills, then AS Pub Sports can help you. We have a range of equipment which is available for you to choose from, ensuring that you have everything that you need to be able to start playing darts and brushing up on your skills.

Phil Taylor To Stand Down From World Grand Prix?

There are some things that we just don’t see coming. The withdrawal and departure from the competitive scene by a great player are some of them. And that’s exactly what Phil Taylor has chosen to do, just one month before the World Grand Prix.

So, what’s happening?

In a move which has surprised quite a few number of people, Phil Taylor has chosen not to compete in the tournament, which is due to take place next month. Despite having won the tournament around 11 times, Taylor has opted to not go for a 12th victory. This marks his choice to wind down in preparation for his retirement in January. His absence will surely allow other players to get into the tournament and do well, as Taylor was obviously a major player in the game for a very long time, and his approach usually marked the end of a fair number of attempts to get up to the top of the table.

Was this choice wise?

When you look past the initial shock of the move that Taylor has made, you can begin to understand why he would choose to wind down now. The game of darts can obviously be very enthralling, and it would be straightforward to postpone his retirement for another year if he were spurred on by a win at the Grand Prix this year. It is obvious that his commitment to retiring is stronger than his desire to play, and his resolve is to be admired.

Overall, the choice made by Phil Taylor is one which we can all understand, even if some of us were looking forward to seeing him in action one final time before he stepped down and passed the torch to the next generation of players. If you’re inspired by the career of Phil Taylor and want to pick up darts and give it a go, then AS Pub Sports can help you. We have an extensive selection of different apparatus and equipment for you to sample, and we’re confident that you’ll find something which will suit your playstyle.

Gary Anderson Wins It All

The game of darts has definite winners and losers, and Gary Anderson has proven himself to be one of the winners in his recent success at the Perth Darts Masters series. We’re taking a look at Anderson’s incredible performance in the last tournament.

So, what happened in the tournament?

Gary Anderson is a terrific player, and one with a lot of experience under his belt. He showed this all off when he defeated Raymond van Barneveld in the finals of the Perth Darts Masters tournament recently. He had already defeated James Wade to advance to the finals, and his battle against Raymond sealed his victory, with a win of 11-7 in the end.

There were some good moments from both players, with a score of 180 being awarded to each of them in the first leg of the match, showing that they were both very serious about the tournament. From there, it was a series of back and forths, with each player trying to maintain the advantage for any significant period. It was a very close match between them until Gary Anderson began to pull ahead and ultimately win the game. Speaking about the event, Anderson paid respects to his opponent, saying that ‘Raymond is a legend of the game and beating him at any time is fantastic, so to do it in a final is even better’.

We’d like to take this chance to congratulate Gary on his impressive win, and we wish him and all the other players the best of luck in future tournaments and competitions. It is often a challenge to rise and perform well, and to do so at such a critical point in the game can often seem like the greatest possible outcome, so well done!

If you’re looking to get hold of supplies to play the game of darts, then you shouldn’t worry, because AS Pub Sports have got you covered. We have a range of different kinds of equipment and darts, providing you with all that you need to make sure that you can play darts regardless of what existing equipment you already have.

Clash Of Champions – Taylor To Take On Lewis

Fans of darts are used to seeing explosive final rounds of tournaments. A clash of dart professionals is usually only reserved for the closing rounds of a tournament where the most skilled players have battled their way to the top. However, this will all change in this year’s Champion League of Darts, which will see Phil Taylor take on his fellow world champion Adrian Lewis in the first match of the tournament.

So, a real battle of professionals then?

That’s right. In Group A of the tournament, Phil Taylor has been up against his rival Adrian Lewis in a fight which will be impressive. This is just the tip of the iceberg, however, as there are all kinds of other matchups going on as other players battle for their spot in the competition.

For example, Group B will see Peter Wright, who is the reigning UK open champion, lock horns with Dave Chisnall, who is just making his entrance into the championship scene. Gary Anderson will also be playing in that group, facing off against Mensur Suljovic. The games will play off one by one following that pattern until the two best players from each team will come together and form the four players who will form the semi-finals and the finals. It certainly looks to be a very entertaining tournament, with two big players set to lock horns almost instantly, and also a whole host of veteran players bringing their skills to the fore.

We would just like to take this moment to wish all of the players in the tournament the very best of luck and to have fun above all else. We’re sure that it will be a real competition to watch, and we’ll be following the paths of all the players with keen interest. If you’re looking for darts supplies, however, then you’ve come to the right place. AS Pub Sports has a broad range of supplies available, including darts to suit all kinds of play styles and preferences. We’re confident that you’ll find what you’re looking for in our selection, and you can get to playing as soon as possible.

Darts For Charity – Legends Join For A Good Cause

When it comes to raising money for worthwhile causes, like a charity, people come up with all kinds of ways to earn the funds required to donate. In the case of this story, people are raising money by playing darts, and ahead of the event tomorrow, we’re taking a look at their story.

So, who’s raising money for a charity?

The fundraising event is for a charity called Bringing Back A Smile and supports children and young people who have life threatening illnesses. To raise money for the charity, professional darts players will join in order to play friendly games, with the proceeds all going to the charity.

It has been confirmed that John Walton, who was once a world champion, is attending the event. The event has been organised by a man called Daz Layden, who plays at a county level for Yorkshire Darts. Speaking about the event, he has said that ‘We’ve got world champions, England internationals and top county players — guys people will have seen on TV…. I just thought we could do a little bit to raise a few quid for poorly kids. The reaction we’ve had has been sensational, and it’s a fantastic venue. People are coming from all over the country to take part or watch’.

This is a very selfless act of charity, and also serves to highlight that the sporting community can band together and create events to help those who haven’t been dealt the best hand in life. We’d like to take this moment to wish John, Daz and all the other players the very best of luck in the tournament, and we hope that everyone has fun and that as much as possible is raised for this very deserving cause.

If you’re looking to host a charity event for darts, and you’ll need supplies for it, then AS Pub Sports is pleased to be able to offer you a wide range of sporting supplies. We have darts to suit all kinds of play styles, and we’re confident that you’ll find what you’re looking for, and that you’ll be able to host your events if you want to.

Charity Darts Day Raises Big Money For Hospital

Raising money for a charity or a worthy cause is always a good thing. And for a man who is passionate about darts, being able to do something you enjoy while raising money is even better. And for the hospital that helped him beat cancer, that’s exactly what he did.

So, there was a charity event?

For Mark Cross, being struck with cancer was a very dark time indeed. However, with the support and assistance of Peterborough City Hospital, Mark was able to combat his condition and recover, and he now holds charity events to raise money for the department which helped him.

His battle with breast cancer was seven years ago now, and in that time he has raised almost £44, 500 for the oncology department, who he credits with his recovery. Speaking on the latest fundraiser which took place on Saturday, Mark said ‘It was standing room only with almost 100 people playing darts and many more cramming in to support the event and enjoy the tombola, draw and auction. The day was opened by myself’. The event itself raised £8000 for the hospital.

Well this is definitely a good thing, right?

This fundraising event, and countless others like it which happen up and down the country for various charity events, all help to support the notion that sports can be used to do incredible things. Mark combined his love of darts with a desire to give back to the people who helped him, and has done so to great success, so well done Mark, we’re all really pleased that you’ve done a good thing and combined darts into it!

Overall, the charity event was a huge success, and we’re sure that Mark will continue to raise money for the hospital that helped him. If you’ve been inspired by Mark and his charity events, and would like to raise your own, or just need some more supplies, then AS Pub Sports can help you. Our site has a large selection of different darts and supplies for you, so you can find what you need in order to get playing.

Standard or Slim – What Dart Flights Are Best For You?

There are many different types of darts available for new players, and the initial task of finding and selecting the correct type of dart for you can often be somewhat daunting. However, to try and assist you with this, we’ve done some research into the two types of dart flights available, to try and help you with your choice.

The standard flight

This is the bigger and more common of the two flights available. These should be used if you usually throw with less force and instead appreciate just throwing darts at the board without any real power. They work best with darts that either have longer shafts or metal tips. This is because heavier darts like those actually need less force to stick into the board, so a larger flight will help keep the dart in the air for longer.

The standard flight is good because it helps to stabilize and strengthen the flight of the arrow, which is good for practising players who aren’t always great with aim, but that feature can be helpful to all kinds of players in truth. 

The slim flight

These are smaller than the standard flights, and are better suited to players who throw with more force and dislike just throwing and hoping for the best. Darts with a softer tip will benefit from using a slim flight, because the harder throws are needed to ensure the dart stays stuck in the board when it hits it. The smaller flights also help to reduce drag in the air, and this allows the dart to drop slightly while in flight, which is good for people who aim a little higher when they throw.

These are just the two main types of flight, and there are others which make up the spectrum between slim and standard. What type of flight you’ll work best with is entirely down to personal preference and experimentation. To help facilitate this, AS Pub Sports stocks a wide range of darts, so you can select from our range and experiment to find out exactly what kind of dart best suits you.

Dubai Darts Competition – The Final Results

The darts world looked to Dubai in recent times, as the sunny locale was the site of the finals of Dubai Duty-Free Masters tournament. Following some impressive plays, a clear winner has emerged. We’ve taken a look at the results to bring you the coverage.

So, who was playing at this year’s event?

This tournament’s final round saw Gary Anderson lock horns with Michael Van Gerwen for the coveted victory circle. Anderson had been in fine form throughout the majority of the tournament, defeating both Phil Taylor and Peter Wright to earn his place at the very top of the tournament. His opponent was on a similar winning streak, dominating a match with Gerwyn Price and defeating Raymond Van Barneveld to progress to the final match against Anderson.

What happened during the final match?

The final match was an important event and marked the confrontation between two experienced players in the competitive world. However, Gary Anderson emerged victorious after a long and hard-fought struggle, saying that ‘It’s a brilliant win for me. The scoring was great, and it just shows what an old boy can still do!’ He went onto praise his rivals, remarking that ‘When I retire, I can look back at playing the likes of Van Gerwen and Taylor and say that I played them and I beat them’, showcasing his good sportsmanship and admiration for his fellow competitors.

The eventual final score for Anderson was an 11-7 win, which was marked in the early stages by a constant back and forth between the two veterans for the leading position, and for a long time, the champion was extremely difficult to predict. However, after both sides gave it their all, it was Anderson who emerged victoriously, so a definite congratulation to both him for winning and to his opponent for putting up a great fight.

If you’ve been inspired by Anderson’s performance during the tournament, or just feel like brushing up on your darts skills, then AS Pub Sports has you covered. We have a variety of specialist equipment and supplies so you can get to playing immediately, and practice those skills.

How To Bet On Darts – A Handy Guide

The act of watching sports is something that most people have been doing for hundreds of years. Another thing that people have been doing for many years is betting on who will win the sporting events, to add a new layer of competition to the proceedings. And the game of darts is no exception. We’ve put together a guide on how to bet on a game of darts, and add some friendly wagering to your viewing, more specifically the different types of bets you can make.

What types of bets are there?

Betting is, at it’s most basic form, a process of paying money in the hope of making money. For example, if you bet £10 that Player A would win the match, and they did, you’d get your £10 back, and you’d also make another £10 for winning the bet. That particular example is also called betting on the match winner and is a relatively standard method of betting money. You can also bet on the correct score for the game, which is bigger than straight win betting and often has better odds. There’s a range of other betting possibilities besides those, which include which player will get the highest number of 180 rounds, and the total number of 180 rounds that will happen over the course of the match. As well as this, you can also make a bet on who makes the first 180 round, or an entirely different aspect of the match. Different bookkeepers will offer different odds for different things, so it’s worth looking out and finding out what you can bet on and where you can bet on it.

There are lots of different types of bets you can make to liven up the viewing of the darts game. It can either be done properly with a professional establishment, or you can just have a casual bet at home with some friends. If you want to bet on your games of darts down the pub, AS Pub Sports has a range of equipment that you can browse to ensure you’ve got everything you need to play.

Premier League Darts – What’s Going On?

It has been an exciting week in the professional world of darts this week, with another round of the Premier League bringing its set of drama, tears and celebrations. We’ve done some research to bring you the latest coverage of what happened as the round came to a close on Thursday.

So what happened during the matches?

To begin with, Phil Taylor defended his spot in the next round by defeating Michael Van Gerwen 7-3. By beating Van Gerwin, who is the current PDC champion, Taylor has kept himself at fourth place in the table, and he is set to qualify for the playoffs if he can defeat Adrian Lewis, who is from Aberdeen. However, it is worth noting that a narrow loss would still be sufficient for him to advance to the next round, due to his current good standing in the tournament at the moment.

In other news, Gary Anderson has successfully managed to obtain his place in the semi-finals by defeating James Wade with a resounding 7-3 victory, which sadly eliminated Wade from the entire tournament. As well as this, Peter Wright has also managed to secure his place in the top four, by defeating Adrian Lewis, who now has a somewhat diminished hope of qualifying for the playoffs, thanks to his large defeat at the hands of Wright with a 7-2 loss. The 14th round of the tournament has been an exciting one, and currently sees Taylor, Anderson, Wright and Van Gerwin progressing to the semi-finals, the latter of whom has still managed to place at the top of the leaderboard despite his loss to Taylor. With the next round approaching, it will be interesting to see who’s going to go up against each other, and how that will affect the results, and above all, who can claw their way to the finals and the chance to win it all.

If you’ve been keeping up with the darts so far, and you’re inspired to pick up the game, or brush up on your skills, AS Pub Sports has a broad range of darts equipment, providing you will all you need to get started and get playing.

Darts – The Rules Explained

Darts is a popular game, played both as a bit of fun in the pub with friends and as a professional sport, with some people earning a living through their sheer skill at the game. However, people who want to learn the game are often presented with a question. What are the rules? How do you play like the professionals?

So how do you play darts?

First of all, it’s important to understand the basic premise behind darts. The objective of the game is to lower your score to zero from a beginning score, which is usually either 301 or 501, and every circle on the board has a different value. In a casual game, reaching zero would often mark the end of a game, but on the professional circuit, the rules are slightly different. When you reach zero, and you’re able to hit the bullseye, which is the middle of the board, you win what’s known as a “leg”. The actual darts board itself is comprised of twenty sections, and each section is assigned a numerical value, between 1 and 20 points, but no two sections will yield the same number of points. It’s worth remembering that each section of the board is also split into three distinct categories, with each category having the potential to either double or triple your points, to a maximum value of 180 points for getting all three darts into the bullseye.

Are there other ways to play?

There are different types of the darts game for people to enjoy. There’s a variant called ‘killer’, which is where you choose part of the board and try to hit that segment over and over. There’s also ‘round the clock’, where the objective is to hit every section of the board in turn.

There are many other different playstyles in darts, but the standard rules are the ones to memorise. If you’re looking to start playing darts, now that you’ve read the rules and got a feel for how to play, AS Pub Sports has a wide range of darts and boards available, so you can easily get all the things you need to start practising the game.

Premier League Darts Coverage – What’s Happened in Round 10?

The premier league for darts has been well underway, with the games being beneficial for some players and sadly disappointing for others. We’re taking a look at some of the highlights from the 10th round of the competition to see what’s happening.


In the first point of interest, the current world number one Michael van Gerwen has moved further up the leaderboard after a well played victory against James Wade during a match held in Dublin. His win came as a result of hitting at 138 checkout during the final moments of the game, which led him to win 7-5 over his opponent. Players Phil Taylor and Adrian Wade both managed to win their matches to strengthen their chances of being in the playoffs, and Peter Wright, who is currently in second place on the leaderboard, drew 6-6 with a player named Dave Chisnall.

Furthermore, James Wade’s display of poor luck continued on, following a resounding defeat at the hands of Raymond van Barneveld during the last match of the 10th week. Barneveld, hailing from the Holland and Netherlands area, had been beaten by Phil Taylor earlier in the round but managed to manoeuvre himself back into a comfortable position by defeating Wade, thus placing him third in the competition. It’s also worth noting that Adrian Lewis is only two points shy of a place in the playoffs, which was helped by a defeat of the former world champion Gary Anderson. Anderson, who is a Scotsman, is a highly skilled player but is now outside of being one of the top four finalists and thus teeters on the edge of missing out on a semi-final position for the first time in four years, losing to Lewis with a surprising loss of 7-3.

Overall, the 10th round has seen some great playing from all competitors, and the competition will only get tougher as the rounds progress, so it’s definitely worth tuning in. If you’re a darts enthusiast yourself and need some supplies, AS Pub Sports stocks a wide array of darts and equipment necessary to play, with something to appeal to everyone.

Darts – How To Get The Perfect Throw

Darts is a popular game that has been played both casually and professionally for many years now, and your success with the game will be down to a combination of luck and skill, with the latter being more predominant. However, many players puzzle on how to get the best possible throw every round, to maximise scores and ultimately win the game. So we’ve attempted to break down the core aspects of the optimal way to throw a dart for your assistance.

One of the important aspects of your throw is the way you grip the dart. The primary objective of a good grip should be to keep the end of the dart pointing upwards in each throwing stage. The ideal grip should be stable and firm, but should not put tension on the muscles in the fingers. It’s important to bear in mind that darts is not an exercise so much in force but in your ability to subtly give power to the flight.

Another the other key part of your throw is your stance. The stance is an important aspect of a player’s throw and technique, and the ideal stance will vary from player to player. Many people operate under the rule of “Right Foot Forward”. When the player makes a throw, his over aim is to maintain the movement of his arm in a plane of two dimensions. This method has been proven to decrease error by eliminating sideways movement of the arm and providing increased accuracy. The distribution of body weight is also important, with weight ideally resting primarily on the forward foot while the rear foot holds the sufficient weight required to balance the posture. It also recommended to lean forward slightly while playing, not enough to cause unwanted strain on the back but far forward enough to close as much distance between the dart and the board as possible.

AS Pub Sports stocks a wide range of darts for you to practise on, with a wide array of styles and lengths available to suit all play styles. Whether you’re a casual player, a professional or simply someone looking to learn the art of darts, there’s something in our range for you.

Rising Star Scott Taylor Ready for Big Leagues

Boston born Scott Taylor has recently concluded a years’ effort of trying to enter the PDC Main Tour by being accepted into the qualifying event.

The 25 year old up and coming player has finally managed to earn his place at qualifying school last month. Following an unfortunate loss of the the last match of qualifying for the Grand Slam of Darts and World Darts Championships, the Boltonian admits it was a relief to finally be able to qualify. He then went one step further and managed to qualify for the UK Open, which starts today at Butlins in Minehead and will be broadcast live on national television.

Taylor, who plays competitively for The Crofters pub on Halliwell Road in the Astley Bridge Darts League, says that ‘It feels great to be back in the UK Open. I played in the tournament when I was about 18 and didn’t really do myself justice, so this time I just want to show what I can do, especially after missing out on pretty much everything last year by one game’. Taylor, who is a former pupil at Westhoughton High School, had earned his place at the UK Open at the start of March. He won through a process known as ‘the order of merit’ after reaching the last 16 bracket out of an overall set of 245 competitors at the tournament’s fifth qualifying event.

His impressive wins against Michael Huntley (6-1) and Tony Newell (6-2) set up a crucial game against ex-world champion Steve Beaton in round three. Taylor won 6-4 before commanding a place in the last 16 with a skilled victory over Matt Padgett that went to the deciding leg.
His impressive scaling of the ranks eventually stopped against Simon Whitlock, who is the world number 16, but he crucially earned £1,500 to rise high enough on the UK Open order of merit to qualify.
If you’re also an up and coming player, or you’re looking for a fresh set of darts, AS Pub Sports has a range of darts to suit all play styles, as well as all the accessories you need to enjoy darts.