A Look At A Legendary Rivalry – Michael van Gerwen And Gary Anderson

In every sport, there’s a famous rivalry. In football, it’s Manchester United and Arsenal. In darts, it’s Gary Anderson and Michael van Gerwen. Both players are very well known, and everytime that they lock horns you’re sure to see a real clash of titans. However, not everyone is fully aware of how this legendary rivalry began. We’re going to be taking a look at this one in more detail so that you can find out where it all started.


Obviously, what we’ve got here is a collision between two highly experienced and skilled players. Whenever two people meet, something is usually born. Sometimes it’s love, other times its friendship, and sometimes it’s a fierce rivalry. It’s the latter for these two, as they’re constantly duking it out to see who’s better. Obviously, Michael van Gerwen has recently shot to the top of the Darts world, racking up a series of impressive wins. We always look forward to seeing the two players get together and throw down, and it’s always an exciting set of matches when they do.

Of course, isn’t that what a rival is for? We all need someone to keep up trying harder, striving for greater heights, with the promise that if we relax, they’ll overtake us. We all want to see people like Michael van Gerwen and Gary Anderson at the top of their games, and they may well motivate each other to that plateau. The thought of besting one another is a compelling motivator, so it could easily inspire them to become the very best they could be.

Overall, the rivalry between Michael van Gerwen and Gary Anderson is one which we’re all keen to see more of, and we hope that they’ll be able to enjoy themselves when they face off. If you’ve got a rival that you’d like to be able to outdo, then AS Pub Sports can help. We have a range of different kinds of sporting equipment for you to choose from, allowing you to pick all that you could need for your sporting activities.